About File Extension VFS and Virtual File System

As we know that there are thousand of extension file for computer or program, one of them is which rare we hear is File Extension VFS. The file extension vfs its self stands for the Virtual File System, which creates an abstract layer on top of a concrete file system. Sometimes, this system uses a switch or a single-file to create the "virtual interface". It is used for many different purposes to gain a specialized access to the computer's filing system. More Info Regarding File Extension Vfs here.

Talking about virtual file system, in college, on my first year, I’ve learn little about operating system, we learn especially for Linux operating system. Its also has topic about file system, we also talk about virtual file system. Virtual file system has function to:

- Separate operation from the generic implementation with defines the vfs interface that is still new
- Vfs file based on the structure of representation-called vnode, which consists of numeric designator for the unique network-wide

As the implementation of the directory which is the implementation of the file system implementation, directory implementation has linear algorithms such as List and Hashtable. Directory on the CP/M is a system with a single directory. Directory on the MS/Dos is a hierarchical system with the directory tree. Directory on UNIX is a traditional directory structure.


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