RAR As A Compression Tool

Compressing files can sometimes be a key role on your everyday task, whether it is office works, copying class notes or just plain mp3 copy from your friend. One of the most famous file compression programs is RAR, it is well known among people who are used to compress files and can be recognized from the file extension rar. The other compression tool that is common to people are WinZip and winace. Each and every one of them has their one specialty. But Rar is the most stable file compression that I know of. It is easy to use, simple, and it can be used on different operating system platform such as windows, Linux, Mac os x, Ms-dos, OS/2 and FreeBSD.

Rar now has already equipped itself with a self recovery system called “recovery record”. It can sort of heal your already corrupted data, if there is enough recovery record. So it’s keeps getting better and better. Better try it on for yourself. You can download this compression tool for file extension rar here.


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