Checking Spesific User Access on File Server

Check access folder for spesific user;
accesschk.exe "it.support1" e:\Shares

 Check write access folder only;
Program Files (x86)\accesschk>accesschk.exe -w "it.support1" e:\Shares

The following command reports the accesses that the Power Users account has to files and directories in \Windows\System32:
accesschk "power users" c:\windows\system32

This command shows which Windows services members of the Users group have write access to:
accesschk users -cw *

To see what Registry keys under HKLM\CurrentUser a specific account has no access to:
accesschk -kns austin\mruss hklm\software

To see the security on the HKLM\Software key:
accesschk -k hklm\software

To see all files under \Users\Mark on Vista that have an explicit integrity level:
accesschk -e -s c:\users\mark

To see all global objects that Everyone can modify:
accesschk -wuo everyone \basednamedobjects

accesschk /?