New Year Resolutions - Should I?

Just now looking at the calender, sh*t it's November already! #FTW #njirr
Udah mau 2017 ajah..

Checking 2016 resolution, beugh.. banyak misi yang blom complete.
But, even some of them not yet achieved,
Well.. I think this this year looks better than before.
Better job, new place, new good friends, learn new things, having funs.. hehe..
Thanks Ya Allah..
semoga hamba termasuk orang yg selalu bersyukur.

So, new year resolution.. hmmm..
Haha, udah new resolution aja.
It's better to have failed plan than failed to plan things right? :D *eh bener ga sih.. :p

2017 Resolution;
1. ..
2. ..

Ahh kepo.. :D *biar kekinian bahasanya

Whatever resolutions for the upcoming year, I wish all become better and much better.
2017 please be nice :)
For this country, Indonesia
My beloved family, Mom, Sists..
and myself..
Wish all of us, all the best for 2017

be more awesome

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